Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Article: Low Vitamin D linked to Pre-Eclampsia?

Even now 11 years later I can't help but wonder WHY I  developed Severe Pre-Eclampsia and HELLP Syndrome.

Pre-Eclampsia happens in about 7% of pregnancies and developing HELLP Syndrome effects .02 to .06% of pregnancies.

The cure as most of us know is to deliver the baby but for me my blood pressure actually went higher after I delivered!!

I Recently discovered a facebook page called HELLP Syndrome Awareness and "liked the page.

They recently posted this article from on a study done that  low vitamin D levels are  linked to Pre-Eclampsia that I wanted to share on Low Vitamin D During Pregnancy Linked to Pre-Eclampsia

At my last well visit a vitamin panel was done. Something my doctor never really checked before? My vitamin D levels came back were very low. I now am on 2000iu's of Vitamin D a day.

Vitamin D deficiency is pretty common, especially for those of us living in the Northeast or in an region that does not see a lot of sun (particularly in the winter months)

Low Vitamin D levels are linked to other problems the most common Osteoporosis.   I guess it should be routine for us to always have your Vitamin D levels check!


  1. Vitamin d deficiency is linked to many health issues nowadays. Maybe this is also the reason why my doctor recommended that I take a supplement for this for me to get enough vitamin d benefits. Actually, it is effective for me. So I guess this is indeed true.

  2. So glad your doctor was on top of it!!