Saturday, October 8, 2011

Keeping your baby healthy...

When we were coming home from the nicu one of the things that was drilled into our head was "if your baby gets sick he could end up right back her or worse die".  nice huh!! Maybe that comment was a bit harsh but  sadly it WAS the truth.

Having a newborn with no complications who gets sick is risky add the fact that that baby is preemie and with complicated health issues an entirely different story.

How did I keep my baby healthy? Well it wasn't easy after all baby's sick no matter how hard your try too keep them healthy and it is good for them to get cold's and build immunity but with my son anything like RSV and Pneumonia's could be fatal.

Now, I may have gone overboard with some of these techniques but it kept us out of the hospital and thats all that mattered to me at the time.
  1. Hand washing and Instant Hand Sanitizer in every room of the house.
  2. Frequent changing of clothes particularly if we had a lot of company and a lot of cuddling was being done.
  3. Keeping children away especially school aged children and children with colds.
  4. When we could travel, trips to Target or Grocery stores, even restaurants always required a Cart Seat Cover When we returned from outing it was bath time for everyone!
  5. I even went as far as putting a sign on my door "If you have a cold, even if you think its allergies please do not come in" ...ok sounds little crazy to most but end result was I didn't want to end back in the hospital
RSV as we all know how  is dangerous tfor any infant  and is 10x worse for premature babies.  Here is a little tid bit about RSV from the March of Dimes .

I recently came across THIS sign by My Tiny Hands  I thought was a GREAT. Wish it were around when by son was a baby.

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