Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Taking Back Some Control

Why is this happening?  This is a concept many of us can relate to for so many situations.

During our NICU journey I remember praying and talking to God daily and again and again when we were home (and still do).

Was there a reason for this happening to MY baby? Was it just bad Kharma (destiny or fate, following as effect from cause)? As time went on I realized its "just life".  Could it be that simple? It is.

My advice, try to take care of the things you do have control over. In the preemie situation (these can also be applied to any current events);

Ask yourself what are the things that I do have control of? the NICU world it doesn't seem like much but here are some things your can do.  Here are the things I tried;
  1. Take care of your baby the best you know how.
  2. You have control over you NICU, the people who take care of your child! If somethings not right let it be known.
  3. Join chat forums such as or Parent-2-Parent. Take advantage of the wonderful world of the internet I can't tell you how many great long term friends I now know who I can turn to who still "get it.
  4. Most important take care of YOU (I failed to do this,  took me years and I'm still learning and struggling with doing things for myself)
So what else can you do when your in crisis? Oprah once said "when you have done all you could do, been all you can be it's time to give it up to a higher power".  Today I'm a firm believer of that. I'm not saying give up! I'm saying one day at a time and do the best you can.

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