Sunday, October 2, 2011

Will my preemie catch up in growth?

Well my former preemies certainly hasn't yet caught up. He started falling off the growth chart at age 7.

There are many factors associated with why my preemie hasn't had much catch up growth.
  1. IUGR, small for gestational age he was less than 1000grams. 10% of Children born small for gestational age have issues with catching up.
  2. BPD, difficulty in breathing leading to the baby no getting adequate nutrition. Our son burned more calories trying to breath than he was taking in.
  3. Long term steroid use. I'm not sure if this is a factor of not. Some doctors tell me it is, some (who are no longer our doctor) seem not to believe it is a factor. But it certainly makes sense. Steroids such as prendisolone affects children's growth and my child was on it for over two years!
  4. Genetics, simply put I'm not a giant and neither is my husband.
  5. Growth and Feeding issues even after my son started showing improvement from his BPD he struggledx with feeding issues for years and continue to do so.
I have read that 85% of premature infants have catch-up growth  and end up on the growth charts by age of two, however there  have been studies done on prematurity and growth that indicate that there are two times when a preemie can catch up in growth, by age of two or during adolescence.

So knowing all these facts sometimes we are faced with the decision (as I am now), your child DID NOT catch up at age two, his bone age is still 3 years behind so there is a possibility that he could catch up at adolescence. So, do hope and pray he catches up or start him former preemie growth hormones ?

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