Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The iPad and Special Needs

I was excited when my son got home from school and in his backpack there was a letter indicating that the school will be starting the use of iPads.

My son has significant fine motor delays, he doesn't have alot of motor control and forming letters and holding a pencil to write difficult for him (painful as a mom to watch).

I thank god for this time and age when things are so much easier for a special needs child than it was may have been say 10-20 years ago.

He does have access to augmentative communication devices at school. He uses a type to learn program in and a device alpha smart to type his spelling words and sentences. He types all his answers verses having to write it.

His neuropsychologist told us he will always have difficulty with writing and as the moves up and grade levels and more writing is involved he may need to use a dragon speaks program.

But the iPad? Well that just opens up so many possibilities for him.

For just a few applications out there for special needs children. Check out momswithapps. You can find anything from communication applications to behavior applications.

Two of my very favorite applications are I write words and learn to write with these programs my son can trace how to make a letter with his finger verses having to hold a pencil and get frustrated.

For a fun time check out sparklefish!

Now as I write this post, I now can't help but wonder if Steve Jobs realized how much he would help the special needs world with the creation of the iPad.

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  1. my son has ADHD with both - the inattentive and hyperactive. we've suspended the Strattera.....didn't like the way he was feeling on it....made him ill all the time, so pedi wants to try a low dose of Ritalin. Makes me nervous..... at aloss really...