Wednesday, February 22, 2012

One Month on Growth Hormones...

After lots of research and going back and forth we decided to start growth hormones for my son. Its been a month now that he has been on them.

I have to admit it was rough the first couple of weeks.

It took two of us to pin my son down for the shot and lots of bribes. Stickers, computer time, even trips to the store.

I literally felt like mommy dearest chasing my child around the house with a syringe and then pinning him into a corner so I could jab him.  Awful, just awful.

We went away for a few days at Christmas to visit family. When it was time for the shot my son was screaming "no, no, no!!!" meanwhile a boat load of people sat right outside the door in the living room. ugh...

The funny thing is the shot itself doesn't bother him! The needle is teeny tiny. It was more the anxiety building up to the shot. Once it's done he said to me (each time) "that's it?" ...Then I had to go have a tall glass of wine. 

All this drama lasted about two weeks.

Then one day I had a thought...give the shot after his bath? After all he's already naked and I won't be fighting to lift his shirt or pants.  It worked, he flinched at first, but it was over in 20 seconds verses 40 minutes.

Since that night, there isn't a problem, he lifts his shirt willingly and then goes and plays. However, I still need my glass of wine...or two.

As for results? I'm told it would take a while to see results from the hormones (around 6 months). Thankfully, none of the serious side effects have reared their ugly head. What I have noticed is increased hunger and he has put on 2.5lbs. That's alot in a month. I'm hoping an increase height will follow soon.

Update: 2/13/17...We had 3 endocrinology doctor changes since this post.  We came off growth hormones over a year ago.  At 4"10 he was we were told he was at the end of his growth.  He went through puberty very quick.  His bone age which was one behind was advance two years.  We are told he probably won't grow much bigger then he is now.  I'm hoping thats not true.  Docs have been wrong before.  Time will tell..see updated post here...

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  1. I love this's so easy to understand what you are going through when you talk about daily challenges like this. You are such a brave woman - and a great mom :) Thanks for sharing! XOXOX
    -fellow Mama