Saturday, February 4, 2012

Using Social Stories...

Social Stories can be used in many situations.

I like to use thems whenever my son has to transition into something new.

The first time we used a social story was when, my son was going through the process of removing his g-tube.

Our gastroenterologist, had been concerned that my son would become upset when his g-tube was removed, after all it had been a part of him since he was three months old. So just removing the g-tube without preparation wasn't an option for us. This was not something that had ever occurred to me but it did make alot of sense!

GI referred us to psychologist who specialized in feeding disorders and she was the one that recommended that we create social story about the process of removing the g-tube.

 So...I created the story and included all information I could about Collin's journey.

Our doctor liked my son's story so much that I  he is now using it to share with other parents who are facing similar challenges.

There is a great books with social story ideas you can purchase.

A place you can search for more idas is on  Board Maker Share.  I have used some of the examples on this site for situations like why we do not touch to dealing with emotions and anxieties.   Browse through the posts even submit your own social story if you have one to help others.

I also came across this You-Tube  social skills for behavior , that I just did my son. There are lots of different types of social stories on You-Tube as well.

Take advantage of social stories. They really do help!

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