Friday, November 9, 2012

One Year On Growth Hormones

see updated post...Its been almost exactly a year, and I thank all the expert (moms) at the Magic Foundation support group on Facebook.

I think the first couple of weeks were the hardest.  I blogged about it here One month on Growth Hormones.

How much has he grown? Well not sure and why am I not sure because we haven't had much luck with the hospital we are going to. The doctor is great its the staff is a little all over the place and office hasn't upgraded to new technology, everything is hand written. A two hour trip into the city to see him, 45 min wait, and we still don't have correct measurement each time that we go.  They have actually shrunk him!!!  But I know he has grown, he is up two shoe sizes and two sizes in clothes.

Still no horrible side effects I hear about.  I do see signs of puberty which seems to worry me more than it worries the doctor and doctor insists that he isn't in puberty yet.  Why does it worry me?

I understand he is 11 and the signs that I see are probably the "norm" but I"m not used to normal with my boy. Everything comes late. His development is still behind.  Why can't this stage in life come late as with everything else!

So with that being said, those of you who are thinking of growth hormones the journey so far has been (thankfully) uneventful with a few minor blips...

As always please share your stories below...

Update: 2/13/17...We had 3 endocrinology doctor changes since this post.  We came off growth hormones over a year ago.  At 4"10 he was we were told he was at the end of his growth.  He went through puberty very quick.  His bone age which was one behind was advance two years.  We are told he probably won't grow much bigger then he is now.  I'm hoping thats not true.  Docs have been wrong before.  Time will tell..see updated post here...

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