Wednesday, January 2, 2013


 I found this article and it made me think.

 Although I don't feel like I have all the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress disorder ( PTSD) certain things do trigger my thoughts and make my head to go ugly places. 

For me, It could be as simple as hearing a baby and a mom complaining about it, I then may throw myself a pitty party and think well...." I couldn't hear my son cry for over two years":

When my son coughs I immediately went to..."OMG, he's getting pneumonia or worse...". These examples are just a few.

These days my anxieties go beyond my son too.  Prior to my son I was oblivious to medical issues.  Now when he gets sick or even when I get sick my mind spirals into worse case scenario.

The best part of this article is the information on support progams.

There didn't seem to be alot when we were in the NICU and it was a lonely experience. You don't have to go about it along, get support.  Support is key.

I had mentioned before, once we were home from the NICU I found a great online support at (theres also a Facebook page closed group)

Other programs I accessed (if you are in the Massachusetts area were conferences or workshops at our local Early intervention program or The Federation for Children with special needs.  Another resource is are  Family Ties they will match you up with a parent for support someone who has gone through the same or similar situations. If you are not in Massachusetts feel free to contact someone at any of these programs. They may be able to access information for you from other states.

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