Saturday, February 23, 2013

Video; Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Someone showed me this video by Ken Robinson and I had to share it got me thinking.

Are schools killing our kids creativity.  Especially our kids who struggle with minor or major disabilities.

 I am a big believer of focusing on any child's strengths verses their weaknesses. With my son I'm even more focused on it.

 My son struggles in math but excels in things like reading and loves music. He has learned a lot THROUGH music .  He also LOVEs pretend play and the arts.

What is his school doing?  Focusing on math.   Does this mean he should never learn math? No, that's not what I'm saying but I do think  he should do more with music and the other things he is GOOD at to BUILD confidence.  He has enough struggles.  Why focus on what hes not good at.

I especially related to the part in this video when Ken tells the story about a girl in the 1930's, the school said she may have a learning disabilities, she couldn't sit still and couldn't concentrate (today we all know its called ADHD. The school wanted her to be seen by a specialist. After the exam the doctor put the radio on and left the room with the mom.  They watched the girl dance.  The doctor said "put her in dance".

This girl became one of the a great dancer and owns a dance company, met Andrew Lloyd Webber and is a multimillionaire. Such common sense no?....I love his point that today she would have been put on medication and told to calm down.  This girl was a someone who had to "move to think" as Ken put it.

This reminds me of when I ask my son a questions.  He gets up and moves all around before he answers the question.  He is one of those kids who has to "move to think"....

Hope you enjoy this as much as I did...Let me know what you think...

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