Friday, May 17, 2013

and...We have an Autism Diagnosis...

I have always had my suspicions, but no professional had ever really picked up on it, always got things like Global Developmental Delays, Neurodevelopmental Disorder, ADHD... until now....

During our most recent developmental evaluation at childrens hospital it was confirmed, we now have a whole new diagnosis of Cognitive Disorder (as a result of his complicated medical history, Anxiety Disorder, and secondary Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Once again I went through the grieving process of the saddness: here we go again..., Denial: he was just having a bad day and has been anxious, its been a bad school year...(I don't think I'm too far off on this, because this has truly been the year from hell)...) anger: why didn't anyone ever pick up on this before,...!  depression? I had a good cry...a week after it all settled in...   Guilt? every hour of I was already there ....and then finally acceptance: The diagnosis doesn't change who he is.  He is still the same quirky little boy I know and love. 

So once I went through that process I am now empowered (for the time being)...  I have increased or his few private therapys, like OT/sensory therapy, start music therapy, we have the home trainer through the school but I am adding ABA tharapy.,,,Oh and found a child psychologist to help with Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) to deal with anxiety. 

As mentioned in past posts anxiety is not that uncommon for preemies and children with a complicated medical history!  

Only good thing that ASD diagnosis has done for us so faris open alot more doors for us. apparently a little more "concrete" than the past diagnosis' of Global Developmental Delays or Neurodevelopmental Disorder.

If your child has an ASD diagnosis I encourage you to contact your local autism support center who will send you out a packet of "what do do next",

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