Friday, January 10, 2014

Special Needs and Puberty

Yes, its true even preemies grow up at some point.

I'm sure you have heard the phrase "its doesn't get easier it just gets different"...  Well that holds true in so many ways.

My son was and easy baby for the most part (minus his medical complications) as he grew he was pretty easy going, could take him anywhere, he wouldn't fuss.  Just a go with the flow type of kid.
Then Puberty hit.

 Here we are at 12 and it seems like he's gone backwards. I suddenly remembered a conversation with one of our favorite doctors.  A few years ago at an appointment when my biggest concern was attention and he said "wait until puberty, some kids regress".  I'm assuming this isn't for all kids but what do we do with the kids but it certainly seems like mine has...

My son is  irritable, fidgety, non-compliant and the list goes on. So you ask how is this different than any typical child going through puberty! Right?  Wrong.  This is so different, in so many ways.  Picture, the body changing but the mind?  Not to much.
He doesn't understand appropriate vs. non appropriate and why its NOT appropriate to do and/or say certain things.  He has no filters, says what he thinks (that is one of the qualities I love so much about him) but society?  Not so much.

Research suggests talking candidly about body changes and sex  or having your developmental specialist do this. However, I struggle with how much is too much information and will he take it to the next level?  With my sons OCD type of behaviors how do I know he won't obsess about it and would this lead to other behaviors?

Last season the show Parenthood tackled the subject of special needs and puberty. Autism Speaks came up with a few helpful resources.

I found some of these suggestions helpful and also have explored the following books.

Whats happening to Tom
Whats Happening to Ellie
A Survival Guide for Kids with Autism

These are just a few I have been exploring.  Any other recommendations that you may have please comment below...

As always any story's to share, advice or venting is welcome to comment below or on Facebook.

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