Monday, August 1, 2016

Product Review: A great way to get new toys...

Once and a while a company will reach out to me to try their product.  Recently it was a rent a toy company called Pley.

Have you ever bought a toy thinking your child would love it. Particularly if you have a special needs child, its so hard to find something they will stick with...If your anything like me you spent hundreds on toys that would never be touched or looked at...

 This is Such a cool idea!

With Pley for a short fee per month you can rent a toy and then return it when ever you would like and get another. Doesn't work any differently then a Netflix subscription, instead of a movie you get a new toy every month!!...

Pley will also take toys and send you a pre-paid shipping label.  For example; they accept LEGO's mixed bricks, complete toys or even that half missing LEGO set you trip over often, you know those toys, I have quite a few myself.

So check it out!!  What a great concept. I highly suggest checking it out..

 Thank you Pley for creating such a great idea..

disclosure; contacted me to try out their subscription. All opinions are my own.

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