Friday, September 16, 2016

Taking care of YOU....

Taking care of yourself, a hard concept to grasp if you anything like me you have difficulty with it especially when your stress level is high and you can't think of anything else but how to solve the problem.

I am sure you have heard it over an over again "take care of you so that you can better take care of your baby/child" and I have even talked about it in a few posts.

 Let's face it between the doctors visits, the coordinating appropriate services/therapies, and of course caring for your child, taking care of your home and rest of your family members...What times is there for you?

I barley had the time to get my hair cut when our son was born, when I did that was my treat to myself....

Recently I began symptoms which I associated with many years of stress (or maybe its age, but, I will go with  stress)... When things got back to somewhat "normal" routine,  I was able to reflect on what what going on. I  was experiencing anxiety in the most unusual way and it was crippling.  Where was it coming from??

Then it hit me I needed to do a better job at taking care of me.  Was it finally my turn? (15 years later..). Can't say I am great at this.  It isf an adjustment.

Clean diet was the first on my radar,  no more sugar, my morning start with Lemon & Water (a little honey) then maybe a tea...  Mamavation has a great website/blog on where to start without getting overwhelmed. I've been following her suggestions and while I am no where close to perfect it hasit has helped me a lot.

I also cleaned out  cabinets from toxic products I cleaned with and  I was introduced Purehaven Essentials, harmful Chemical Free products that actually work better then any harmful chemical items I had been using.

I have also adapted some Ayurvedic techniques into my daily routine.  (Ayurvedic Medicine is it is a Hindu system of medicine, baed on balance of body, diet, herbal treatment and breathing).  Working on exploring a Gluten free diet. 

I recently got into HOT yoga, something that I had avoided like the plague for years. I now notice a difference when I miss classes.

I have also also signed up for   healing/meditation groups at local metaphysical store.   I have joined church groups in past. I don't see much of a difference. Prayer is a form of meditation

I am still trying to figure out what this "me: thing is all about. Definitely a foreign concept for me...something I lost when I had a preemie.

If anyone is lost and need more direction. Try getting a health coach.

Check out my friend Sue's (also a special needs mom) website .. her coaching gears toward us "special" mom's/dad's etc... So you will be talking to someone who truly lives it.

Her website is Go with the Flow Wellness her loge "caregivers need care to".  Schedule your free Personal Wellness session today and check our her Facebook page as well.

For even more tips to take care of your self check out this blog post. from another mom.

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  1. You and every mother of this world is super mommy.As no one else could take care of little fragile baby with that much care like a mother does.