Monday, May 15, 2017

Going Toxin Free...

We hear it everyday and almost anywhere we go, clean eating, gluten free, casein free, preservative free, harmful chemical free, toxic free products,  will help with behaviors and overall Autistic Behavior.

When my son was a baby I just wanted him to EAT, clean eating was NOT in my radar. He had a feeding tube and he just simply, needed to survive.  He barely even took a bottle.  Anything he would eat by mouth was a bonus. I do believe his first food group was an M&M!!

However,  I feel now, that has come back to haunt me.  You can find tons of information on clean eating and its benefits if you Google it.  After reading a lot about it, YES, I am now slowing cleaning up his diet and mine (Possibly a little late on the ban wagon but I guess, better late then never).

Here is a great blog with detailed information on how to clean up your child's diet and your own. It can be overwhelming but as suggested in the blogs, start small and simply just start looking at and knowing your ingredients to avoid.

While researching cleaning eating another can of worm's opened.  I came across something more then just food. Something we don't hear a lot about is the toxins in everyday products we use.

So what about the products we clean with?

We may at times, (depending on where we shop), see harmful chemical free items on the shelves next to all the other cleaning products but what do we know about them?  Certainly Bleach and Ammonia cleans better than Vinegar doesn't it? That's what we were taught to believe anyway.  This has proven not to be true.

Recently words like "Paraben"s (a group of compounds used as preservatives, derived from petroleum, an endocrine disruptor which cam mimic estrogen and can  also block effectiveness of cancer drugs like Tamoxifen).

 "Fragrance" (Parfum, legally hides an untold number of chemicals in a product. linked to ADHD, Autism, birth defects) and so many more have been coming to my attention.

"Talc"- Belongs to the asbestos family.

Did you know according to a Harvard study found that fluoride ingestion (toothpaste) harmed children's cognitive abilities and development?? I know my child still is learning to spit at 15, how much has he swallowed??!!

The list goes on and on.  Here is a list of ingredients to avoid in skincare & cosmetics and here is a list of ingredients to avoid in household cleaners.

There is so much to learn.  Why have I waited so long?  There are a lot of  Reports and studies that have proven many unsafe products. I am just surprised so many are still on the shelves.

Then there are your everyday cosmetics. The average woman is exposed to 168 chemicals on average before she leaves the house in the morning from shampoo, to creams, makeup toothpaste and more....Our skin is our largest organ and absorbs the harmful ingredients in 26 seconds.  I also found out that Europe bans over 1,300 harmful chemicals from personal care products. The United States bans 11. (source from EU cosmetic directive 2013, campaign for safe cosmetics).

So where do you start?  I had same question . Again Mamovation has all the information you need harmful chemical free products  for you home.

I found a great product line that I am starting to fill my home with called PUREhaven Essentials.  Its product I believe in, all products are harmful chemical free and they have did a great job offering a bundle kit to get you started on the right track.

The surface cleaner has blasted away all the goo in my kitchen and is safe for food and pets!

There is also a products babies.  Which I am definitely going to purchase for the many baby showers I have to attend this year.

IF interested, you can contact me for more information and I will give you a "number" to enter when placing your order.

As always, any comments or suggestions please not below in comment session or if interested contact me.

disclosure;  I have tried all products through my own research. All opinions are my own and meant for general information only not medical advice. 

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