Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The lost summer

What do you do when your child is  aggressive toward you and caretakers?

Words that come to mind:  Helpless. Hopeless. Horrified. Angry. Sad. Perplexed?

Aggression's are never easy.  Statistics show 60% of those with autism exhibit aggression toward caretakers.

When the child is younger and smaller, it may be little easier to manage and in society its  more accepting.  When your child is older, teens/young adult.  It is a complete nightmare.

Our son started about eight months ago, rage/explosions periodically. At first geared toward one person, and always during times of high anxiety.

Then in June 2017, he seems to be targeting anyone in close range to him.  It has been horrifying, exhausting and maybe even a bit annoying.

Doc's say severe anxiety/OCD.  At first they seemed to think it was his SSRI making him behaviorally "reactive".  Apparently SSRI's sometimes work opposite for those with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).

His behaviors consist of,  grabbing, scratching, biting, screaming, pulling hair. Resulting in bruises and scratches on many of us including him.  He is constantly on edge with increase in perseverations.
We  have tried a few medications with no relief.

After these incidents  he is almost always, frightened and subdued, and will isolate himself as a way to control himself.   The impulsion just takes over.

Now, my son has always been a quirky kid,  but always happy.  SO, what is going on??

He has had to miss so much this past summer, starting with his his 8th grade graduation and dance in June (dance's something he has always enjoyed so much!) ...We have cancelled several family parties, events and postponed our Disney vacation (3x).

He wasn't able to attend summer camp  at the local  Recreation program because they lacked support to accommodate his behaviors.  We had to pull him from Therapeutic Horse riding because he couldn't handle it.  He can no longer attend his special needs choir. There are  things he used to LOVE he has no interest anymore.

He has lunged at me several times at me while driving that resulted in me purchasing several types of safey devices such as:  safety buckle cover and a safety harness  (For other safety suggestions.  Take a look at Autism Speaks Safety Tool Kit.)

We have a team of people BCBA's, Social Workers, Doctors, several medication trials,  therapists. trying to figure this all out.

I even went the extra, "mom crazy mile' and contacted his pediatrician to rule out anything medical.  We tested for Thyroid, Lyme, PANDA's  (rare but why not).  Everything negative.

Now, It has been documented that 70% of autistic children and adolescents have GI Abnormalities and once the GI issues are treated aggression and problematic behaviors sometimes subside ...even that was a dead end.

 Challenging Behaviors Tool Kit. and TACAnow (Talk about Curing Autism) , who has parent mentors have  been a great resource for me.

So, I have dubbed this as being the lost summer for him..He has spent most his summer, with the exception of the Extended Year Program at school in his room and worse we have a lot of regression.

As always, comment below if you have a story or tips and strategies that have worked for you.

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  1. Indeed autism child is so difficult to handle. Their mothers need so much patience to deal with them. These children throw tantrum often and they are too much sensitive that society dont accept them easily.