Monday, July 31, 2017

Review: AngelSense; Just in Time for Back to School

Given the increase in my sons behaviors the past few months I have been beside myself with worry daily trying to figure things out. Not being in control has been the hardest things for me and this is going way back to the NICU days. 

Somehow my son's anxieties have developed into social anxiety, near anyone or in a crowd we can gaurantee an aggression or two will follow. Each day is different and even bolting has now become an issue.  When he's not agitated he has been testing his independence and wandering.

I have also come to a realization that when he is at school and/or on community trips we as parents put so much trust in his care takers they are with to do the right thing.

There has always been the "what if" lurking in the back on my mind from time to time. They all need a guardian angel of some sort. 

Thats when I discovered Angelsense it just seems to be great solution for us.  Real time alerts that will tell me where he is, tracking the bus, alerts when when he arrives or leaves the school/program.

With Angelsense we can even listen in to conversations currently happening (could of used this in 4th grade) !!

Even better, AngelSense also has a new feature they introduced called, AngelCall, its a 2 way voice,  the app allows you to call  talk to your special needs child without him/her having to pick up the device.

With AngelCall you can;
  • Instruct your child to stop, avoid a road, or stay away from any potential threat
  • Give your child more independence knowing you can always help from afar
  • Calm your child and be by their side when they need your support
  • Stay connected every day.

Given my son's need for safety independence these days. This is product is perfect for him and me.

BONUS... all of the customer service reps at AngelSense are special needs parents. So, Not only to you get a great device but you also get support from people who "get it".

Highly suggest this product for not only for the safety but for peace of mind as well.


  1. I know about AngelSense, my aunt had to get it done for my small cousin who has a habit of sneaking out and hiding, it really is a very great idea and puts parents at ease.

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