Friday, May 25, 2018

Autism & Comorbidity

Its been over a year now.  My son continues to have difficulties with intense anxiety leading to aggressions, scratching, hairpulling, biting, self-injurious behavior, property destruction.

Just like the NICU, I hate that I can't help him while he struggles.

 While we are in the middle of this nightmare of aggression and autism..  We  recently finished a  second  inpatient hospitalization we were admitted for three months.

As mentioned from my last post, my sons behaviors came on quickly and no medications or behavioral interventions have helped so far.  This time around we spent  FIVE  days  in a local ER  with untrained staff  that treated my son unfairly and chipped two of his teeth, as we waited for a bed.

This is an article that was in our local newspaper  I became a part of this interview, while my son was in inpatient.

If i had to choose a positive in all this we were able to get a bed in to one of the only four inpatient facilities in the U.S. that specialize for autism, developmental disables using a multidisciplinary approach.

While here a friend wrote this in our local paper this article and shared her story on this journey. Certainly a lot of similarities to what we are going thru now.

I hope Connors story inspires you and get the word out . We need to do better for our kids.  They are people tow and ONLY FOUR specialized inpatients is not acceptable.

When this journey is behind us I plan on sharing our story more as well.

I hope anyone who reads this finds comfort that they are not alone.  The struggle is real.  

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